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Pastor Ed Lapiz


The Church warmly calls him Kuya Ed. Just like an elder brother and adviser, loved and esteemed by everyone, Dr. Ed Lapiz is the Head Pastor of Day by Day Christian Ministries—a non-denominational Christian Church with satellite churches in the Philippines, Japan, Pakistan, West Asia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. A genuine national scholar, Ed Lapiz is a graduate of Mass Communication and Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts in Philippine Arts, Master of Arts in Philippine Studies, and Doctor of Philosophy in Philippine Studies in the prestigious “home of the scholars” University of the Philippines.

In 1968, Dr. Ed Lapiz had founded the still active Filipiniana Dance Troupe at the U.P. Rural High School in Los Baños, Laguna. Ed Lapiz has always been an advocate of Philippine cultural heritage. Hence, in 1995, he founded the Kaloob Philippine Music and Dance Ministry that aims to explore,research on, introduce and preserve the Philippine ethnic and cultural dances. It is worthwhile to mention that for the past years since its inception, Kaloob has been successful in its endeavors in enriching, recognizing, presenting and carefully teaching Philippine cultural dances locally and internationally. In many occasions, Pastor Ed Lapiz has been invited as lecturer-speaker in different places. As time permits, he also directs and produces dance presentations and concerts abroad, such as those he did in Germany, Austria, Saudi Arabia, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Greece, among others.

Pulpit is not the only avenue to hear Kuya Ed Lapiz’s messages. Every day, his voice is aired through 12 radio stations in the country. Furthermore, Kuya Ed Lapiz’s messages are regularly recorded live and distributed in audio and video format. Aside from that, he also authored more than 40 books, and counting, which are available at major bookstores. Among the unique ministerial priorities of Pastor Ed Lapiz are his vision to inculcate nationalism among the Filipino people, the initiative in giving importance to and progressive use of the cultural heritage, the utilization of arts and culture in Christian worship, and generally, the divine reclamation and preservation of the Philippine culture and tradition, by offering them to the Lordship of Christ Jesus. He is our Kuya Ed Lapiz. Pro- Filipino. Pro- Country. Pro- God. Boldly and practically sharing the Word of God to the nation and to the world… DAY BY DAY!

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