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Romans 12:13

Take care of God’s needy people and welcome strangers into your home.

Bihira na ngayon ang mga taong hospitable dahil sa takot maisahan, ma-holdup, ma-kidnap, o kaya dahil sa hirap ng buhay. Mahal ang gasolina, ang bigas at iba pang bilihin, kaya hindi na makapag-share sa iba. But hospitality is an honored virtue in Scripture. We are commanded to share with God’s people whether in times of abundance or in times of want. The majority of the Israelites were not exactly well-off. They carried on their shoulders imperial taxation. They supported their own elite, the Roman legions, and, in fact, the whole empire. But the Lord commanded them to share. The wonderful thing about sharing is whenever anything is given from a good heart with a good intention, it never really leaves you; it just multiplies and comes back in many ways.

Iniisip kasi natin na kailangan wise tayo at hindi tayo dapat naiisahan. Pero, do you know that there are times when what we have in our hands are supposed to be handed over to someone else? Ipinapaabot lang pala ng Dios sa kanila sa pamamagitan natin. At kung hindi natin iniabot dahil sinarili natin, maaaring na-enjoy natin for a moment, pero dahil nanghinayang tayo at hindi natin binitawan, hindi tuloy naging free enough ang ating kamay para tanggapin yun talagang nakalaan para sa atin. Hinihintay lang pala ng Dios na iabot natin para maging empty ang kamay natin to receive even more blessings!

In life, we should listen to the dealings and promptings of the Holy Spirit and make it a goal to become a blessing whenever possible.

Ed Lapiz

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